"...he will be our friend for always and always and always." ~ Rudyard Kipling


People bury people because they have to.  People bury pets because they want to.

NOTICE:  We are always looking for volunteers to help maintain the cemetery.  If you would be interested in straightening graves, picking up sticks, raking leaves, maintain shrubs and flowers, spraying weeds etc, we could sure use your help!  (This does not including mowing as we have a mowing service that does a great job for us)  THANK YOU

Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery has been serving the Cape Girardeau and surrounding communities since 1990.  We offer three burial packages, but we can customize these packages to accommodate personal requests.  Our beautiful 1.3 acre pet cemetery has been deeded in order to protect the pets buried there---forever. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will never be disturbed by anything other than the forces of nature.  If you find yourself in need of our services immediately, or would simply like to discuss future need, please know that we are here to help.  Below you will find our burial package descriptions and a price chart at the bottom.

Gold Package Premium Burial--includes local pickup from your home or veterinarian's office, silk floral piece, and a standard burial shell pet casket.  The standard burial shell casket may be upgraded to one of our more lavish pet caskets for an additional fee.  (Please note that due to our casket sizes, the Premium Burial for Very Small Pets does not include a casket).

Premium Sites--These sites are located in the front half and most desirable areas of the pet cemetery and are to be used with pet caskets.  Premium sites may be decorated with landscaping rock, borders, and large markers.  No trees or shrubs without written permission by Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery. 

Silver Package Economy Burial--includes local pickup from your home or veterinarian's office and a wooden marker with small silk flower arrangement.  Caskets are optional and may be added to the burial price at the client's request.

Economy Sites--These sites are located in the back half of the cemetery and may be decorated with flowers and small markers only.  No landscaping rock or borders.

Common Burial--includes local pickup.  Common Burials are located throughout the property in less desirable areas chosen by Cedar Hills and are generally done only twice a month.  These sites are left unmarked.  No permanent markers or caskets.  please call or email for more details.

With the exception of common burials, you are more than welcome to choose your own grave site location based on availability.  In addition, you are welcome to be present during your pet's burial. You may also choose to bury your pet with a favorite toy, bedding or other momento.  Please don't hesitate to ask about personalizing your pet's burial.

 Size of Your Pet




 Very Small Pet (Bird)




 Small Pet (Cat, Yorkie)




 Medium Pet (Spaniel)




 Large Pet (Labrador)




 X-Large (over 100lbs)






  We are sorry but we cannot accommodate horses, livestock, wild animals, or pets over 200 pounds.

Payment:  All fees must be paid at time of pick up.  We accept local checks and credit cards.  Non-payment will result in legal action and/or removal of your pet after 1 year of non-payment!

Pre-Arrangements:  By making arrangements for your pet in advance, you can have peace of mind that when the day comes, everything will be handled in a loving manner with just a phone call from you or your veterinarian.  You may reserve your pet's burial site, choose a casket at this year's price and be assured that it will be in stock when it is needed.  You may also begin thinking about a grave site marker. 

Markers and Maintenance:  It is the pet owner's responsibility to clearly mark their pet's premium or economy grave site  with a permanent marker if they wish. Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery will mark each new grave site with a wooden cross for up to one year as time allows for that maintenance.  In addition, Cedar Hills will maintain the cemetery grounds by mowing, removing weeds from premium grave sites, removing flowers and temporary markers when they deteriorate and by maintaining an accurate plot map of all grave sites for future reference.

Updated December 2012
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